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To better serve our customers and provide the best customer service we are consolidating our stores to the Sandy location, 8695 Highland Dr. Sandy, Utah (Next to Reams)

All of the staff will be transitioning to the Sandy store as well, so you will continue to have the best information, service and healthy animals available. Our transition to the Sandy location will provide you with the opportunity to experience and use our full service store, where we have Dog Grooming, Dog and Cat Supplies and exotic birds, as well as all the Reptile products and selection we had available at the Murray location. The Sandy store has a very nice freshwater fish selection as well as small animals and all the supplies to support their well being.

PET-TECH LEDGES AND HIDES BACK INSTOCK  See the News page for additional details.
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Stop by Living Safari pet store on Highland Drive for an exotic animal and pet experience. Our store is fresh smelling, all the habitats are something that you could put in your home. We pride ourselves in keeping the animal habitats clean, fresh food and water each day, appropriate lighting and temperature with decor that is applicable for the animal. A true experience, no other pet store like it in Salt Lake. Look at all the photographs in the different pages, they are photos of our store and animals, no stock photos here. The only way to be sure an animal is the right choice for you is to interact with it and determine if your lifestyle will provide for the needs of that animal. We can help you with making those decisions, by asking important questions and letting you get involved with the animal. We have many of our personal pets living at the store, some are rescues. All are adults, so that we can use them for educational purposes, showing you how BIG some of the animals will get, their personalities and their long term habitat requirements.

Come visit Living Safari II at 8695 S Highland Drive (2000 East) Sandy, UT 84093
Pet Store and Grooming 801-947-1234
Grooming Appointments available
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Living Safari pet store provides you with the necessary knowledge to provide a healthy, sound environment for your pets, while building a healthy and enjoyable relationship between the owner and pet. We strive to be the best choice when choosing a pet store for our customer’s pets and supplies. You will always get correct applicable information regarding animals and their habitat needs. No guessing, no half answers, if we don’t have the answer to your specific question, we will get the correct answer for you. By asking questions we both learn something about an animal and its behavior or habitat. Animals are like people, they all have personalities, and they are not all the same. Our personal and business experience working with our animals is the knowledge that we will pass along to you, that is the most valuable information you can gain.

Living Safari has healthy, vibrant and active pets of all kinds because we take care of our animals like they are our pets until they go to a happy, healthy home with you. We always encourage you to take your new habitat home and get it setup and established before returning to pickup your new pet, so as to minimize the stress on the animal as well as making sure that the habitat is functioning as necessary. You will never find overcrowded cages or dirty cages at Living Safari. All of our pets are living in appropriate habitats, no temporary setups here.  The animals always have fresh food and water each day and throughout the day as necessary.

Our customers keep coming back because the store is fresh, fun and exciting. Whether it is animal watching, watching nocturnal animals in our Starlight Hut, viewing educational programs, reading informative animal and habitat literature, looking at new products or just socializing, every customer feels welcome at Living Safari pet store.