About Us

Living Safari II Pet Store and Grooming, is located at 8695 S. Highland Dr. (next to Reams) in Sandy, Utah. The phone at this store is 801-947-1234.

At the Living Safari pet store, we encourage our customers to Look, Learn and Live. “Look” visualize the animals and their habitats, “Learn” Our staff will provide you with the necessary knowledge and education, “Live” Now that you have Looked and Learned it is time to Live and experience your new pet for a lifetime.

As a business, we provide outstanding customer service while building friendships through interaction and an understanding of your pet needs and lifestyle. We offer unique visual and educational opportunities, while sharing life experiences to assist you in providing a natural, healthy habitat.

Reptiles, birds and fish need owners to adapt to the animal’s living environment. We help you do that so your pet is as healthy, comfortable and interactive as possible.

Our goal is to have the pets become a part of every customer’s life through the encouragement of healthy choices, home décor and personal contact.

Unlike many pet superstores or pet shops, Living Safari is exciting, different, unique, clean, fresh and fun. We have numerous personal adult pets on display for you to interact with and see their adult size and permanent habitat requirements. Whether a visit is just for animal watching, viewing educational programs, checking animal and habitat information, we want every customer to feel welcome. Our service and knowledge will keep you coming back.

 The knowledgable and friendly team of Living Safari consist of  David, Anthony (Lauri, Bardee and Ashley, our pet groomers). This team of professional employees collectively has owned or currently owns just about every animal we have on display or for sale. So, YOU will find someone that knows something about any pet you might be interested in. They take great pride in keeping our pets cages clean and healthy, while ensuring that our store is clean, fun and refreshing.