Living Safari has consolidated our store to become the best reptile, amphibian, arachnid, and grooming store for the customer. So we can offer a variety of affordable, quality supplies and food for all type of animals including Cats and Dogs. The owners believe in the products we are selling as we use them everyday personally and in our pet stores.


Every animal at Living Safari is our pet, until it goes to a happy, healthy home with you.

Our keys to success are the proper education and supplies for the pets’ welfare. We achieve our goal by providing:

  • outstanding and friendly customer service, time after time
  • affordable quality products to sustain the pet’s well being
  • educational materials and one-on-one education
  • a clean, odor-free and enjoyable safe environment

We have a terrific selection of substrate and decor items for your reptile and terrarium needs. Including Cork Bark, Bamboo tubes, Grapevine, Mopani wood and various types of substrate for desert or tropical habitats. We carry Almond, oak and magnolia leaves for aquatic and amphibian habitats, as well as live moss and its vivarium substrate. We also have a full line of food stuffs, 3 sizes of crickets, mealworms, flightless fruit flies, waxworms, dubia cockroaches, hornworms, springtails, isopods, Repashy, frozen and live mice and rats.

While we do not sell Cats and Dogs, we do offer a full line of toys, treats, collars and leashes, and other accessories and quality foods for your pets well being. We Love Dogs, thats why we don’t sell them. We strongly promote the use of adoption shelters to acquire your dog or cat. There are numerous facilities in Salt Lake that can provide you with a pet that both needs a home and will be your best friend for life, given a chance. Purebred dogs come in two varieties: Breed by a reputable dog breeder or breed at a high volume (puppymill) breeding facility. You can tell we feel strongly about the sales of Dogs and Cats. WE DON’T SELL THEM. Please go to our Partners Page to find links for further information about Dog rescues and the story behind the scenes of Dog Breeding.