The Starlight Hut is a specially designed room with appropriate night light and daytime light for nocturnal animals. This room is automated to assure that the correct lighting is maintained for the health of the animals. This automation also provides the correct lighting for you to view and observe these nocturnal animals in there natural habitat during nightime lighting. These animals are only active during the night time hours, some frogs are only active for a few minutes after the daylights go out and just before the night lights go out (sunrise and sunset). This is when the bugs are most prevalent in there natural habitat. The animals which are in this room have had there days and nights reversed so we can watch them when they are active. There are various geckos, tarantulas, snakes, scorpions and numerous frogs living in appropriate habitats in the Starlight Hut. This room is the only one in the state of Utah.

Under the specific lighting conditons in this room, the animals can not see you, therefore they are comfortable to be active and act as they would in their natural habitat. You will observe them behaving and performing as they would looking for food and moving around their habitat. They will stalk and pounce on prey insects. If you are lucky you will get to hear some of the frogs and geckos bark their sounds.