Our Team can educate you on your specific pets needs and requirements for a long and healthy life. They will ask you about your lifestyle to be sure that you are able to provide the necessary time and healthy choices for your pets best welfare.

We have a terrific selection of substrate and decor items for your reptile and terrarium needs. Including Cork Bark, Bamboo tubes, almond leaves, nut and pod hides, Grapevine, Mopani wood and various types of substrate for desert or tropical habitats. We also have a full line of food stuffs, Mel. and Hydei fruit flies, Dubia roaches, springtails, Repashy gecko food, frozen and live mice and rats.

We can assist you in putting together a custom habitat for your pet including its enclosure, decor, dishes, hides, plants, substrate and appropriate lighting or provide you with a starter kit to minimize your setup time, while still giving your pet the minimum necessary requirements.

All of our reptiles are healthy and well taken care of. They eat only fresh vegetables or fruit and live crickets, mice or roaches. All our reptiles are given a warm soak bath each week to keep them hydrated and aid in shedding. The Utah climate is so dry that most reptiles not native to Utah need extra humidity to keep them healthy. All of our animals live in their habitat specific conditions, with correct lighting, heat and humidity, which ensures that they are healthy, have vibrant color and active. Each and every habitat at Living Safari is setup to match the requirements of the reptile and to try and replicate the natural habitat of the animal. We always recommend a substrate that is best to either help retain moisture for humidity control or allow the animal to not become impacted should it ingest some substrate material. We want you to enjoy your pet to the fullest, and that is only possible when it is healthy and living in a habitat that is suited to his natural environment. Reptiles, like all the animals at Living Safari, require that the owner adapt to the animals needs, whereas a dog or cat adapt to the owners life style.

We stock a large assortment of ZooMed and ExoTerra products, as well as Pet-Tech and Zilla products for your reptiles habitat and décor requirements. We carry a full assortment of essential UVB and full spectrum lighting, heating and habitat environmental temperature and humidity monitoring gauges and digital displays. Our décor products include animal safe faux plants, hides, basking logs and stumps, real wood and vine products made from grapevine, java wood and Mopani wood.

Specialty Food Items for your Reptile Pets:
Hydei (large) and D. Melanogaster (smallest) Fruit Flies
Dubia Cockroaches
Hissing Cockroaches
Spanish Orange Isopods
Tan Zebra Isopods
White Dwarf Isopods
Repashy Gecko Foods
Wax Worms

A list of the reptiles which changes weekly depending upon availability:

If we don’t have the animal in our store that you are interested in, please let us know and we will try to special order it for you, depending on availability.

• Baby Bearded Dragons (assorted morphs)
• Leatherback Bearded Dragon
• Argentina Black & White Tegu
• Sailfin Dragons
• Baby Red Iguanas
• Baby Green Iguanas
• Baby Water Dragons
• Large Water Dragons
• Sub Adult Leopard Geckos
• Baby Yellow Spot Timor Monitor
• Mountain Horn Lizards
• Red Eye Croc Skink
• Red Flame Crested Geckos
• Snyder Skink
• Red Sided Skink
• Cuban Knight Anoles
• White Line Geckos
• Gargoyle Geckos
• Water Monitor

• Baby Blue Bar Panthers
• Jackson Chameleons
• Veiled Chameleons
• Pygmy Chameleons
• Graceful Chameleons

• Adult Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake
• Baby Banded California Kingsnake
• Baby Albino Snow California Kingsnake
• Sub Adult Ball Python
• Baby Black Motley Cornsnake
• Baby Blood Red Cornsnake
• Baby Kenyan Sand Boas
• Malaysin Mangrove
• False Water Cobra

• Mexican Fireleg Tarantula
• Brazilian Black & White Tarantula
• Singapore Blue Tarantula
• Brazilian Fire Red Tarantula
• Martinique Pink Toe Tarantula
• Chilean Gold Burst
• Goliath Birdeater
• Mexican Red Knee
• Rose Hair

• Russian Tortoise
• Sulcata
• Yellow Foot
• Red Foot
• Hermans
• Western Painted

• Red Eye Tree Frogs
• Green Tree Frogs
• Tiger Legged Tree Frogs
• Tan Pac Man Frog
• Albino Pac Man Frog
• Orange Pac Man Frog
• Poison Dart Frogs
• Salamanders

• Emperor
• Tailless Whip
• Deathstalker
• Desert Hairy